LED is a process by which government, private and civil society sectors work in partnerships to collectively create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation.
Rukungiri District has promoted and established Local economic development (LED) initiatives aimed at managing resources and stimulating the local economy. The results of the LED initiative include improvement in the local economy and investment.
Rukungiri District has focused attention on LED and wealth creation through a people, public, and private partnership strategy. This is evident in joint committees, contracting for infrastructure development and maintenance. More

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Agriculture extension services which are the responsibility of local governments have been reformed to promote services to farmers on high-yielding and commercial enterprises. We provide crop, animal and fisheries husbandry extension services; entomological services and vermin control; trade development services; and cooperative development services. This has been done through a Programme for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA). The PMA has key components of research, national advisory services, agro-processing and marketing.
We employ a pro-people approach in transforming households to improve food security, nutrition and stabilize incomes. Crop farming contributes to 77% of the economy and employment. We have improved access to agricultural extension services and productivity by focusing on agronomy and animal husbandry, agribusiness, reduction of post-harvest losses and marketing, targeting women and youth. Extension services focus on banana, coffee, beans and ground-nut production, which contribute a production output of 158725, 136938, 3426 and 782 tons per annum respectively. 

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We plan, coordinate and regulate land use and management including surveying, physical planning, valuation, registration and administration.
Lands office offers services such as inspection and verification of land; transfer and mortgages; resolving land disputes; surveying, inspection and approval of building plans; processing and issuance of deed plans and titles.
We offer physical planning services and approval of building plans. If you intend to carry out building work, you must apply to us for building plans approval. You can find out about how planning decisions are made or information on when you need to apply for planning permission, how to do so and fees, as well as application forms, from the links provided below. 

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We provide the following community-based services:
1. Gender promotion, in particular empowerment of women, youth and persons with disability has become a reality with statutory representation in governance structures at a minimum of 30%. Gender-related services are aimed at improving the quality of life of our people, especially women, youth, people with disabilities (PWDs), the elderly and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Key activities are gender mainstreaming, women economic empowerment, fighting gender-based violence (GBV), legal advice, psycho-social support and group development. More

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The provision of education services is overseen by the Education Department. Our education services cover nursery, primary, secondary, special education and technical education. Funding for services is mainly by Government, parents and partners.
Since 1997, we provide Universal Primary education services. With the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE), primary school enrolment increased other tangible results include increased enrolment and girl-child education. We provide basic education to 59165 pupils in 162 public and57 private schools, with a teaching staff of 1698 we provide infrastructure namely, latrines and teachers’ houses in schools.  More

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The health Department oversees the provision of health services in the district. Working with several other partners, we deliver primary health care in the areas of health promotion and education, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services.
With 417 heath workers and 462Village Health Teams (VHTs) we provide health care services through the health units More

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We construct, rehabilitate and maintain feeder roads not under the responsibility of the Central Government. We currently, have a road network of 3,596km of which 507 are district feeder roads and 3,117 are sub-county community access roads. A total of 139.5km of district feeder roads are in good condition. A total of 365km of district roads are under routine manual (labour-based) maintenance by road gangs. There are 142km are under mechanized routine maintenance. More

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We provide, operate and maintain safe water supply technologies and sanitation facilities in the rural communities of the district. Our investment in water supply infrastructure includes gravity flow schemes (14) with 1,039 public tap stands; protected spring wells (397); Shallow wells (98); deep wells-boreholes (120), rainwater harvesting tanks at households (2,311); water for production dams (19); and valley tanks (8). More

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