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Education in Rukungiri

Provision of education services is overseen by the Education Department. Our education services cover nursery, primary, secondary, special education and technical education. Funding for services is mainly by Government, parents and partners.

Since 1997, we provide Universal Primary Education (UPE) services. With the introduction of UPE, primary school enrolment increased other tangible results include increased enrolment and girl-child education. We provide basic education to 59165 pupils in 162 public and 57 private schools, with a teaching staff of 1698 we provide infrastructure namely, latrines and teachers’ houses in schools.

Our service indicators are: a pupil-to-latrine ratio of 1:45 pupil to classroom ratio of 1:43 pupil to desk ratio of 1:3 and pupil to textbook ratio of 1:6 The pass rates and performance in national examinations have greatly improved and increased from 95% in 2016 to 97.5% in 2017 while the number of candidates with ungraded marks has reduced from 5% to 2.5% during the same period. In 2017 alone, 671 pupils and another 3260 passed in division 1 and 2 respectively.

We have 20 public secondary schools with 13382 students and 19 privately owned secondary schools. So far, 27 schools (public and private) participate in Universal secondary education (USE). We have 3 government-aided tertiary institutions with 398 students. 

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