The Planning Unit has the following sectors, namely, Planning, Statistics, Population, Projects Development Planning, Management information systems operation planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Departmental Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies:


A Centre for information management and planning guidance


Coordinate planning process, and provide guidance, mentoring and information management for the promotion of local economic development and effective service delivery in the district.


To provide an Integrated Planning for services covering sectoral plans, policies and to monitor and evaluate the implementation activities

Objective (1)

To facilitate and coordinate the process of development planning and budgeting both at the District and Sub-County Levels

• Training of staff in planning
• Rolling and integration of plans
• Producing work plans and reports. 

Objective (2)

To strengthen and improve data collection and Management

• Conducting skills training workshops and seminars for Technical Staff civil society organizations at all levels.
• Developing formats and questionnaires for use in data management.
• Analyzing and interpreting data.
• Disseminating information to stakeholders for planning purposes
• Training data management and equipping the Data Bank to improve data management for effective planning and decision-making. 

Objective (3)

To enhance the importance of population factors in development.

• Increased public awareness of the relationship between population factors, family planning and development.
• Registration, collection and analysis of vital statistics
• Dissemination of population data to all Stakeholders
• Holding of regular population co-ordination meetings
• Promote research in the causes of high population growth rate. 

Objective (4)

To strengthen the capacity to monitor development projects and programs.

• Joint monitoring with development partners the implementation of plans.
Services offered by the Department
• Formulation of the District Development Plans within the stated time frame.
• Mentoring sub-counties in preparation of Sub county/Town Council Development Plans.
• Establishing management information systems.
• Coordinating the production of the Budget Framework papers for the District.
• Preparing District and PAF Work plans, Progress, Cumulative and Annual reports.
• To appraise projects and monitor all Government Programmes
• To coordinate activities and programmes of District Development partners.
• To hold Budget Conferences.
• To prepare and produce a District specific population action plan and review meetings.
• To register Births and Deaths 


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