District Council

The District Council is the highest political authority in the district, with legislative, planning and executive powers.

The District Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue or be sued in its corporate name.

Composition of Council: The Rukungiri District Council is composed of directly elected representatives that include those representing sub-county constituencies as well as those representing special interest sections of the population. 


The directly elected Chairperson


Directly elected councilors representing lower local governments,


Directly elected Women councilors who must constitute one-third of all council members


councilors representing youths (between 18-30 years - Male and Female) elected by the youths under the Electoral College system


councilors representing People with Disability (Male and Female) elected under the Electoral College system


Councilors representing the elderly (50 years and above), appointed by the LLG executive committees and approved by the District council.


Members of Parliament, who are ex-officio members.

The Senior Management Team works with the political Leadership to oversee the strategic objectives of the Rukungiri District Local Government. On the technical side, Rukungiri district is headed by a Chief Administrative Officer, appointed by Public Service Commission

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is supported by a Deputy and Principal Assistant Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries and parish chiefs. Rukungiri Municipal council is a lower local Government, has separate structures, and is headed by the Town Clerk also appointed by Public Service Commission. Our administrative team is responsible for providing support services to departments. Each administrator has a responsibility over a cluster of sectors/Departments.

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Mr. Nsubuga Stephen Bewayo


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Mr. Kyomukama Geofrey (NRM)

District Chairperson

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Hajji Masokoyi Swalihk Wasswa 

Chief Executive

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James Turyamubona (NRM)

District Speaker

Members of Parliament 

Our representatives in parliament are drawn from different constituencies, Women MP and Rukungiri Municipality. MP’s are the official ears, eyes and mouthpiece of the local area at the national level. They are ex-official members of the council but do not exercise any authority over it.


1.Kahanyi CharlesKebisoni SC
2.Tumusiime CatherineRwerere TC
3.Twinomujuni WednesdayNyakishenyi
4.Musiime MichealNyarushanje
5.Byamukama JastonBugangari
6.Mugabe Alex NathanKebisoni TC
7.Agaba Emmy RubondoBuyanja SC
8.Mubangizi GodsonNyakagyeme
9.Kagayano ChrisBwambara
10.Kajuna warrenBikurungu TC
11.Hellen kabajunguRuhinda
12.Mugisha BenonBuhunga
13.Tigampenda ManexBuyanja TC


National leaders link the district to the Central Government and support the District Council in attaining its development goals. Central and Local governments are different levels of the same government and therefore work in partnership and play distinct and complementary roles.


NCountyNameSexPolitical Affiliation
1RujumburaHon. Jim MuhweziMNRM
2RubaboHon. Naboth NamanyaMFDC
3Woman MPHon. Natukunda Midius KaharataFNRM
4Rukungiri MCHon. Erisa RutahingwaMNRM
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